Prom Night 2014

Arguably, the party of the year and the one night when 'dress to impress' is a rule rather than a guideline..
But it's no use having the right dress without looking the best yourself..we've got a variety of treatment packages to help you achieve your overall 'look'!
So no matter what colour, shade or style of dress you have chosen, let us add those finishing touches for you to ensure you look a $million on the night!!!
Package No.1
One appointment needed for this package.
Eyebrow wax.
Party Lashes.
Vinylux file & polish on fingers AND toes.
only £49.50

Package No.2
Two appointments needed for this package over two days.
Day 1 - Eyebrow Wax.
Day 1 - Acrylic Nails.
Day 1 - Vinylux file & polish toes.
Prom Day - Make up session.
only £69.50

Package No.3
Three appointments needed for this package over three days.
Day 1 - HD Brows.
Day 1 - Shellac fingers AND toes.
Day 2 - Fake Bake spray tan session.
Prom Day - Make up session AND Party Lashes.
only £120.00
Other packages are available on us on 01772 603373 for more details.
Book early to avoid disappointment!!!